Technical Session

Day One : Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Paper Code Title Speaker
Track Communication, 01:45 PM – 03:15 PM / Room C
Com 1 Traffic Anomaly Based Detection Hafidudin Hasan
Com 2 DDoS Detection Using Modified K-Means Clustering with Chain Initialization Over Landmark Window Fiky Suratman
Com 3 DDoS Detection Using CURE Clustering Algorithm with Outlier Removal Clustering for Handling Outliers Astri Novianty
Com 4 Modified K-Means Algorithm Using Timestamp Initialization in Sliding Window to Detect Anomaly Traffic Yudha Purwanto
Com 5 Performance Analysis of Routing and Congestion Control Cooperation in Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Istikmal
Com 6 LinkSPath: A Novel Hybrid Restoration Scheme in High Speed Optical Network Satria Utama
Track Electronics, 03:45 PM – 05:15 PM / Room C
Elec 1 FLoW: Achieve Native Multi Threading Support for Embedded System Through Microkernel Adhe Widianjaya
Elec 2 DDR3 Interconnect Optimization – Signal Integrity and Timing Analysis Perspective J Mervin
Elec 3 Power Integrity Analysis for High Performance Design David Selvakumar
Elec 4 Determining Lung Sound Characterization Using Hjorth Descriptor Achmad Rizal
Elec 5 Human Movement Intentions Based on EEG Using Brain Computer Interfaces Mohamad Khairi Ishak
Elec 6 Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester for Wireless Sensors J Mervin

Day Two : Friday, August 28th, 2015

Paper Code Title Speaker
Track Control & Automation, 08:00 AM – 09:30 AM / Room C
C&A 1 Shuttlecock Flight Trajectory Modeling and Analysis Using Linear and Neural Network ARX Muhammad Firdaus Lubis
C&A 2 Design and Implementation of RFID Line- Follower Robot System with Color Detection Capability Using Fuzzy Logic Muhammad Bima Nugraha
C&A 3 Optimal Output Regulation on Sampled- Data Syatems Saad Ullah
C&A 4 Design of Temperature Control Based Fuzzy Logic for Substrate in Thermophilic Hydrogen Reactor Bella Pratiwi
C&A 5 Effectiveness of Bicycle Path Planning Method and Pure Pursuit Method on Omni- Directional Mobile Robot Trias Bahtiyar
C&A 6 FLoW Head: 7 DOF Mechanism for FLoW Humanoid Bayu Setiawan
Track Renewable Energy, 08:00 AM – 09:30 AM / Room E
Enrg 1 Accounting Framework Based Electricity Energy Planning Software Involving Renewable Energy Yusak Tanoto
Enrg 2 Implementing Thermoelectric Generator on CPU Processor Nuzul Pranita
Enrg 3 A Feasibility Study on a Photovoltaic- Pumped Hydroelectric System Using Agricultural Reservoirs of Sado Island Haruhiro Fujita
Enrg 4 Demand-Side Management: Lighting System Based on Microcontroller and Solar Cell Supply Peby Purnawan
Enrg 5 A Preliminary Study on Micro Hydraulic Power Using Irrigation Water on Sado Island, Japan Haruhiro Fujita
Track Control & Automation, 09:45 AM – 11:30 AM / Room C
C&A 7 Tilt Set-point Correction System for Balancing Robot Using PID Controller Derry Pratama
C&A 8 FLoW Bipedal Robot: Hula Hoop Motion Robyarta Ruci
C&A 9 Indonesian Medical Retrieval Case Based on Knowledge Association Rule Similarity Wiwin Suwarningsih
C&A 10 Bidding Behavior Evaluation Using Fuzzy Evidential Reasoning and Belief Rule-based Approach Yu Ying
C&A 11 Humanoid Robosoccer Goal Detection Using Hough Transform Bima Nugraha Sanusi
C&A 12 Implementation of Host Card Emulation Mode Over Android Smartphone as Alternative ISO 14443A for Arduino NFC Shield Burhanuddin Dirgantoro
C&A 13 Face Recognition Based on the Android Device Using LBP Algorithm Agung Nugroho Jati
Track Communication, 01:00 PM – 03:00 PM / Room E
Com 7 ASI Regulations Comparison for GSO Satellite Communication System At Ku- band Jinhua Zhu
Com 8 A Sliding Window Technique for Covariance Matrix to Detect Anomalies on Stream Traffic Tito Purboyo
Com 9 An Improvement of Broadband PLC Channel Based on PS-OFDM Basuki Rahmat
Track Control & Automation, 03:30 PM – 05:00 PM / Room A
C&A 14 UAV Obstacle Avoidance Using Potential Field Under Dynamic Environment Almira Budiyanto
C&A 15 Tilt and Heading Measurement Using Sensor Fusion From Inertial Measurement Unit Agung Nugroho Jati
C&A 16 Implementation of Real Value Genetic Algorithm to Determine Three PID Parameter Agung Nugroho Jati
C&A 17 UNEXAR – Mini AUV Design & Measurement Agung Nugroho Jati
C&A 18 Attendance System on Android Smartphone Benfano Soewito
C&A 19 Forecasting Avian Influenza Incidence in Java and Madura Area Adhistya Erna Permanasari